Angels of city

 From November 9, in gallery Elizete exhibition "The Angels of the City". It is my gift to my country on her 100th birthday.

Birds - the city's angels, who are invariably alongside us every day. Warms the soul with the sound of wings and awake up us with their songs.

In ancient times, gold  symbolized warmth and love, divine light. The golden morning light that has broken out of the darkness is embracing the world with bird songs. My message to this exhibition is about awakening and the light of the soul with the angels of the city.

My masterpeace Totem goes to the World

One of my favorite art subject are birds. I'd love to study and paint them to better understand the body's plastic and habits. The Crows, in my opinion, are superbly smart and socially responsible birds, moreover, they stand out with a special, perhaps a bit harsh beauty.

So one of my crowds with name Totem has gone to her new home in the Sistemic Constellation Center in Riga ( to its founder and leader Iveta Apine, for the  looking at the family's systemic arrangements with the bird's wisdom.

The work base is covered with silver leafs, which sunshine is obtained by interacting with the golden imitation lacquer, symbolically referring to historical traditions, reflecting the eternal sun and cosmic light energy.

Icona painting masterclase

One of the most charming adventures of this summer was the iconography and icon painting masterpiece organized by the Christian Academy in Jurmala, where the great canons of the spiritual art and technical secrets of icona writing was showed by great teacher Carina, under the leadershif  of their we painted our Guardian Angel.

During the week, by carefully studying and practicing, "we wrote" our first icon and dedicating it to Christ's Interpretation Orthodox Church.

Now that the first skills have been acquired, it is only a matter of continuing to build and cultivating skills and develop mental practic for creation blessed painting.

The Royal family portrait

Magnificent textile artist Agneses Vaļinieces (  farmhouse is a beautiful place where host the cat court  - the progenitress Mince  with three children, Buddha, Beauty and Princess, Lady Zuze and Knight Hackleberry. To immortalize the great family this spring  was made the special portrait of the Royal family, where each model is portrayed in the most characteristic aspect and feeling of the soul, became an icon.

Just visiting a hospitable hostess, I am glad to see how well the work fits into the interior of the old house by healing the elements of the historic log cabin room.


The last week 16. - 22. July in Aizpute, small of Kurzeme was 4th International Wooden restoration Workshop witch stay in THE Interdisciplinary Art Group Serde. One team of participants are working with window frames and casements, second team on warehouse half-timbered construction restoration, which started 2 years ago. During the week, Janis Tolpežņikovs and Guntars Upenieks managed to learn a lot of skills and new ideas in order to make the surroundings safer.


Cultural Center Grata Award for Visual Arts. Exhibition "The Mystery. Ritual art "

With this project, the cultural center Grata JJ begins the tradition of creating its prize in visual arts, encouraging artists to participate in the annual summer exhibition, in which a wide spectrum of art is represented, a surprise for viewers, the opportunity to see the works of beloved artists in one go. Translated from Latin, "grata" means "desirable", "grateful".


Sometimes the process of creating an artwork overlaps with the nature of the ritual.

At other times, ritual and art are one and the same.

There may not be anything to do with the creation of artwork with ritual activities, because it is a laborious, impetuous work, but the result is that the artist opens his portal to an inaccessible world to date.

The time of the opening of the exhibition - before the Ligo festival, which we can consider our Latvian mystery - how do we look at this ancient heritage, based on the artist's experience?


The project has already expressed a desire to participate Agate Apkalne, Laima Bikše, Artūrs Bērziņš, Rihards Delvers, Lilija Dinere, Roberts Diners, Laura Feldberga, Ojārs Feldbergs, Ineta Freidenfelde, Agnija Ģērmane, Agija Jansone, Rasa Jansone, Jūlija Jeresjko, Inga Jurova, Matiass Jansons, Daiga Krūze, Kristīne Kvitka, Dita Lūse, Silvija Meškone, Aleksejs Naumovs, Laura Pīgozne, Anda Poikāne, Ilona Romule, Skuja – Braden, Kalvis Zālītis, Nele Zirnīte un citi.


The exhibition will be open from 21 June to 28 August.

100 in Latvian Art

The exhibition of the internationally evaluated Latvian Artists Competition "100 in Latvian Art" is organized by the Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center in cooperation with the Association of Art Educators. This type of event takes place in Latvia for the first time, inviting artists to participate in the competition regardless of their art practice and to participate in the exhibition, creating a full-fledged exhibition of contemporary art.

The competition "100 in Latvian Art" will take place from the 6th of July 2018 until the 9th of September 2018.

Exhibition venue:

Daugavpils Mark Rotch Art Center

Mihaila street 3




Exquisite Meal for True Gourmets

Parallel the annual Summer Festival in Berga Bazaar, where visitors will be able to enjoy jazz music rhythms, seven distinguished artists - textile artist Agnese Valiniece, painters - Ilze Preisa, Ilse Krūkle, Ineta Freidenfelde, Inga Jurāne, Maija Graudiņa un porcelain ceramic Andris Vēzis will invite to the concepts store KLASE exhibition  "Exquisite Meal  for True Gourmets".

The theme of the exhibition is inspired by the fascinating world of flavors and fragrances. Paintings full of ripening fruit and tempting seafood. Getting ready and enjoying the sunny summer!

The opening of the exhibition will take place on June 6th, 2018 at 18:00.

The art pieces will be viewable till 31. August, 2018