About me

I graduated from the Liepaja College of Applied Arts theater decorations and props department. And studied at the Latvian Academy of Arts in the stage design department and painting department. In addition, I have mastered the renovation of decorative paints with teachers in Holland and Great Britain. 

Works in the fields of home decoration, painting and illustration.

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  • Angels of city
    Angels of city  From November 9, in gallery Elizete exhibition "The Angels of the City". It is my gift to my country on her 100th birthday. Birds - the city's angels, who are invariably alongside us every day. Warms the soul with the sound of wings and awake up us with their songs.…
  • My masterpeace Totem goes to the World
    My masterpeace Totem goes to the World One of my favorite art subject are birds. I'd love to study and paint them to better understand the body's plastic and habits. The Crows, in my opinion, are superbly smart and socially responsible birds, moreover, they stand out with a special, perhaps a bit harsh beauty. So one of…
  • Icona painting masterclase
    Icona painting masterclase One of the most charming adventures of this summer was the iconography and icon painting masterpiece organized by the Christian Academy in Jurmala, where the great canons of the spiritual art and technical secrets of icona writing was showed by great teacher Carina, under the leadershif of their we painted…